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£28,000 - £30,000 yearly
Spring Spring, Somerset House, Lancaster Place, London, UK
May 23, 2019
Spring brings warmth and elegance within a beautiful dining space set in the New Wing of the iconic Somerset House, in the arts and cultural heart of London. At Spring food is celebrated for its conviviality and the joyfulness of sharing seasonal produce. Our cooking is heartfelt, wholesome, produce driven, and cooked by a team of people who are passionate about what they do and who feel truly privileged to work with beautiful ingredients. We hope to create an experience which not only sings on the plate but lingers in the memory.
£10.50 - £11.00 hourly
Chinese Laundry Brockley, London, UK
May 23, 2019
We are a modern Chinese food concept, run by two Chinese girls. We used to be a small and very cute restaurant on upper street. Unfortunate events happen, we lost the restaurant, ever since then we have been 'no mad' in the big London city.  Now we reside in SE4 London, Brockley to be exact, an ex-takeaway shop. A even smaller and more intimate space than any of the sites before. We only have 16 seaters, with a weekly changing, family style, ' hidden' menu. The space is very limited, but not the food. With a space like this, it actually gives us more flexibility to do more.There are so much food culture and techniques in Chinese food are unexplored. We are always curious to find more and the historic reason behind them.  At the moment, we are opening from Thursday to Sunday for dinner.    Menu here is always inspired from our food memory growing up in all the different places around China, from street food night market to grandma's kitchen. Staying true to the food that gives us emotions, at the same time we are trying to source our ingredients from the best suppliers available, stay seasonal, stay local.  For us cook with full respect to Chinese cooking methods, which truly respects the nature, is the best way to share our food culture. And that’s what we think of being authentic- it’s always the word only comes in when justifying the approaches and motivation.  To be able to cook all the food we had in our childhood, there’s still too much to learn- for thousands of years, Chinese people have dedicated to food and it’s a massive system relating universe, agriculture and food for human, full of wisdom. And it’s a shame for it not to be understood, celebrated and appreciated. All the oily, msg, sweet& sour concept that relate to Chinese food well known across the world are not about the food we are eating in our daily life in China. We are more than happy to introduce and share the delicious and tasty food we love with as many people as possible.
£24,000 - £26,000 yearly
Rose Bakery 18-22 Haymarket, London, SW1Y4DG
May 20, 2019
Rose Bakery is a small busy restaurant located on the third floor of the prestigious Dover Street Market.  We believe that the best food is made fresh, from-scratch and with care, creativity and attention to detail. Our daily-changing menu is inspired by organic seasonal produce and is the product of team collaboration and a shared interest in the from-scratch movement.  We have a special interest in Italian inspired foods and our menu includes a pasta dish almost every day. We also serve a lot of fresh fish, complex salads, soups etc.  We also have two dedicated pastry chefs that produce a counter full of cakes, and desserts to compliment our menus, this menu changes weekly and includes tarts, dough work, loaf cakes, tortes, ice creams, plated desserts. Staff movement between the two sections has taken place, and is encouraged to allow for a rounded work-experience.  We make everything in-house, including but not limited to butter, pastas, yoghurt, soft cheeses and sourdough breads, and everyone at Rose Bakery has an input in expanding our ability to cook in this style.  We occasionally do events for large fashion brands; Gucci, Molly Goddard, Rick Owens etc and will come up with menus to suit their events. 
£26,000 - £28,000 yearly
26 Grains Covent Garden, Neal's Yard, London, UK
May 18, 2019
We are looking for a Head Chef to work with us to create a modern menu inspired by the simple perfection of seasonal, top quality food, framed by the demands and desires of an all day dining audience in London. The menu will be a continuation of what we currently do at Neal’s Yard, focusing on a few simple but very delicious dishes. Our aim is to create a modern neighbourhood restaurant.