Hold yourselves accountable this year

You are the boss of your own journey, it’s about time we WOKE up and took charge of our own futures. By holding yourself accountable you are consciously choosing to take ownership and charge of your future. Shifting your mindset to one of complete accountability empowers you to recognise that only YOU are in charge of your future.

Pause for a minute and re read the above.

At Countertalk we want you to be the best that you can be, to realise your full potential and absolutely smash it.

We are your cheerleaders and we love to see you grow, learn and evolve.

So what do we do now?

Grab a notepad and let’s get started.


Do you have a dream of where you want to be? Have you ever written it down?

By holding ourselves accountable and checking in with those goals we can start to build the stepping-stones of our future.

  • First things first, figure out WHY you want to do what you want. It might sound cliché and you might just roll your eyes at the thought of it. But getting to grips with WHY you are on your journey (be it personal/professional) figuring out the WHY behind it is a great reminder to drive you forward.
  • Date and time stamp the top of the page
  • What are your goals? Bullet point them and underneath write in as much detail as you can about them
  • What is an achievable action that will take you closer to those goals?
  • What time frame are you giving yourself to hit those actions?
  • Write down everything you LOVE about yourself.
  • Check back in as frequently as you like, no one is judging.



Words by Ravneet Gill



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