21st November 2022
6.30pm – 8.30pm – talk followed by personal Q&A session
£5 per place



Intellectual property has been in the hospitality news quite a bit of late, with drama surrounding The Frog Bakery, Sonora and Otto’s – not to mention James Cochran a little while back. We’ve been inundated by stories from our community about painful legal battles or stolen concepts, and questions about creative ownership. So we’re here to help.


Join leading hospitality intellectual property expert Mo Abbas of Trademark Brothers for an invaluable online clinic, with the opportunity to answer all your burning questions.



Can I protect my recipe? Why should I trade mark my brand? Can I trade mark my brand? What do I do if there is a trade mark conflict when I go to trade mark my brand? Who do my recipes belong to – myself, or my employer?


Mo is here to dispel all these questions and more. He will walk you through the process of trade marking, what to expect and what to watch out for, starting with a deep dive into the whats and the hows of the various ways to protect your creative ownership, then moving on to a question and answer session which will address your very own issues, with personal advice.


Places are extremely limited to ensure that each participant gets the best value out of this session, so please reserve your slot asap.


Trademark Brothers was created as a solution to the mystique and heavy jargon that traditional law firms put around Intellectual Property and trade mark registration. Their view is that people are savvy enough to understand why they need a trade mark, but need a guiding hand in understanding the complexities of what on face-value looks like a simple process. For this reason, their first and foremost objective is to educate people and equip them with the understanding of why trade marking their most valuable asset, their brand is important and what other creative things they are able to do with their indispensable intangible asset.

They have worked extensively with a number of restaurateurs (Cin-Cin, Club Mexicana, Flipside, Spicebox, Only Jerkin, Bill or Beak) fresh produce wholesalers (Reach Food Service, Crop to Kitchen) and also consumer product food based companies (VFC, Willicroft, White Rabbit pizza, Olly’s Olives), Breweries (Gipsy Hill, Mondo) and New Product Development experts such as The School Night Vegan.

“We love working with these types of clients because their brand is at the forefront of everything they do, and we want to make sure that it remains bulletproof through trade mark registration. Furthermore, we love the passion they put into their business and want to give that back in the way we advise and secure their brand in the best way possible trying to identify pitfalls early on”.

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