With the challenging holiday season finally behind us (along with, hopefully, some well-deserved time off to enjoy the festive season, our loved ones, and recoup) we’re ready to hit the ground running for 2024. We’ve compiled a survival kit featuring some of our very best Long Reads – from how to handle tricky workplace conflicts and look after your mental health, to inspiring insights from leading industry professionals and invaluable advice for success  – to give you the leg up you need to tackle the year ahead.


Ella de Beer of Electric Mayonnaise takes us through how the industry got to overpromoting and lays out the fixes to ensure a healthy, happy workplace – so we’re not constantly scrabbling around for staff, and attracting people who STAY.

Madeleine Geach of The Good Life Coaching answers this tricky management question – how do you get the best out of your team, stay true to your standards and make sure everyone is happy?

Thinking of setting up a business with a mate and that 50:50 is the easiest way? Think again. We’ve heard some horror stories from the community, so we’re turning to our experts to break down the conversations you need to have.


How can we actually, effectively switch off? Madeleine Geach breaks down why it’s essential you learn to switch off, and how to do it.

Gaslighting is one of the most insidious forms of bullying. Merly Kammerling of Me, Myself in Mind takes us through how to identify and combat it.

Burnout can destroy your self-worth, leave you feeling isolated, and crush your motivation. Merly addresses this all-too-common issue and what you can do about it.


Sam Orbaum of the Woodhead Group – behind the legendary Quality Chop House and Portland Restaurant, amongst others – shares what company culture truly means, and how the group implements it.

You told us who does staff food really well, so we asked those heroes what they do and how they make it work – in pt. 1 we hear from e5 Bakehouse, Bubala, and Legare.

In this follow-up piece debunking how to make staff food work, we hear from open-all-day Forza Win and production kitchen Happy Endings for the low-down.

When you’re in the thick of a stressful situation your work relationships can take a huge strain, complicating communications. Ella de Beer tells us how to deliver messages so they’re received how you intend them to be.


Pav Glodowski started his incredible Polish pop-up Polska Kitchen in his late thirties, after dropping a long career in TV. This is his journey.

Holly Cochrane gives us a deep dive into the highs, the lows and the unexpected quirks of the world of a successful food stylist.

Considering a change of career from restaurants to development? You’ll want to read these insights from development chef Anthony Warner.

Prue Stamp tells us how to go from FOH to Head of People, all while redeeming the historically tarnished reputation of the HR department.


Nick Clarke of Hop Training tells us all about how to reclaim status imbalance within FOH and improve the dining experience for both guests and staff.

Nick explains the power of self-reflection and how giving negative feedback to those in power can in fact strengthen your working relationships.

Take these tips and approach into the new year to help you handle difficult guests and identify problems before they arise.


Whether you’re an employer or an employee, it’s vital that you understand how you might be affected, and what changes you’ll need to make.

This lack of understanding and complex wage splits can create real upset and mistrust. Ella de Beer helps us bridge that gap.

What can you expect after you’ve had a baby? What are your rights? We break it all down.


Anthony Warner tells us about realigning his attitude to fat – an exploration of the different attitude, mindset and practical application towards what makes flavour.

What is the TRUE cost behind the food you eat in restaurants, with all costs included? We break down the figures with the help of hospitality accountants Viewpoint Partners.

Jay Patel of Legare has a bone to pick with online reviewers – read his incredibly insightful piece detailing the dangers of the Google review.

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