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When used correctly Instagram can be a powerful tool for your business or for your personal brand. Here at Countertalk we really believe in company values as a driving force to create meaningful content.


From the outset some people believe that social media is a necessary evil, one purely there for monetary gain and superficial likes. However we believe that it’s all about perspective and how you chose to see it and contribute to it.


We think it’s important to consider where attention is being focused and how you as a business or personal brand can utilise the power of that attention to your strength.  And no, it doesn’t have to compromise your values.


Instead we want to give you a run down of our top tips for improving your instagram page:


  • Get inspired by others: Look at your favourite Instagram pages of businesses/people that you admire. Note what you like about them and why
  • Look from the outside: Take yourself out of your own shoes for now and look at your Instagram page. What do people get from looking at it for the first 10 seconds?
  • The snapshot: What does your bio say about you? Have you considered changing your bio into concise bullet points?
  • The grid: How can you improve the visual aesthetic of your grid? Do your first 9 tiles reflect your message? If not have a think about how you can fix this. Does this mean getting in an illustrator to create a tiled message to put you back on the right foot, setting some time aside to gather up photo content or hiring a photographer to get you set up with a bank of trusty imagery!
  • Your community: Are you engaging with your community? Think about asking questions in your captions, commenting on other people in your communities pages, creating polls on your stories and sharing the data.


Want to know more? Keep an eye out for our virtual events and social media guides coming soon

Words by: Countertalk


Adam Jang



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