Countertalk Grievance Process

At Countertalk we are not legal or HR professionals, but as part of our commitment to promote healthy working environments our door is open for you to tell us about your negative experiences. We will then endeavour to act upon them in a transparent and positive way.


So what happens when you notify us about bad practices?

If the complaint relates to an establishment or individual with whom we do not work, we:

  •       Make a record and, if we are approached by them to work together in the future, we complete the steps below.
  •       Refer the complainant to a relevant professional body to assist them in resolution, where appropriate


If the complaint relates to an establishment or individual with whom we currently work, we:


  • Ask for more information regarding time frame, context and individuals involved
  • Ask the whether these claims can be substantiated by a third party


  • Notify the concerned parties that an issue has been raised, ensuring that anonymity is maintained
  • Ask whether the employer recognises the existence of these issues
  • Seek evidence that changes have been made
  • Work with them to implement positive change, through Countertalk Culture
  • Remove them from our books until we are confident that positive change has been achieved
  • Check back for progress


If you ask for advice about how to resolve a given issue, we may refer you to a relevant professional. The following bodies may help:


ACAS: https://www.acas.org.uk 

UNITE HOSPITALITY: https://www.unitehospitality.org


DISCLAIMER: Countertalk is not legally accountable for advice given, the nature of which is intended strictly as views expressed by Countertalk and its employees.

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