The Dusty Knuckle

We have a lovely café and bakery tucked away in an urban oasis (when in full bloom) in Dalston. We make outstanding bread, pastries and a monthly changing menu. Our café is open 7 days a week.

We are always looking for new bakers, chefs, baristas and back of house roles.

£22,000 yearly
The Dusty Knuckle Dalston, London, UK
Aug 04, 2019
The Dusty Knuckle café started as a small sandwich hatch in our container bakery four years ago. In 2017 we moved over to a permanent spot opposite the container and we became a proper food spot. We cook beautiful but simple food  with fantastic ingredients, then mostly wedge it between our focaccia.  On the weekends we serve well thought out breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes. We make anything from egg sandwiches to fish stews to homemade merguez and hand rolled flatbreads. Our food is moreish and unpretencious and the chefs work collaboratively to create a menu which is in keeping with our values, sourcing seasonal ingredients and always cooking with love and attention.  We have now built a wood fired oven in the garden which we fire up on the weekends to make pizzas. We are hoping to start using it in the week also, so our chefs will be cooking outdoors.  The kitchen is open 7 days a week 8am-5pm. You will be required to work occasional evening shifts for our pizza nights.