With four stores and concessions already operating at the end of 2019, this is an opportunity to shape the way that Natoora now expands on the high street. With retail expansion a key focus over the next 5 years both in the UK and eventually abroad, you will initially be responsible for running the fifth store and first Natoora Counter- a café concept - which opened in June 2019. With a mix of retail and counter service plus seating, this new concept for Natoora presents a fantastic opportunity to apply your experience in hospitality to define the model for future store openings. Providing excellent brand visibility and a platform to communicate our core messages, they are the spaces which must capture the spirit and ethos of Natoora, as well as showcase the produce which is the life-work of so many of our growers.

You will be at the forefront of a concept that will change the food system by bringing fully traceable ingredients to the high street. We believe that change will be driven by consumers demanding better flavour and transparent sourcing of the food they eat.