Glow Bar

Glow Bar is an exciting wellness space with a mission to help Millennial women de-stress in today's chaotic world. Our business launched last summer with a range of beautifully packaged Ayurvedic supplements, each with a unique property from glowing skin, to anti anxiety and energy boosting. Our products have since been featured in Vogue, Glamour, Grazia and even on ITV. The Daily Mail has written about our brand and products three times, citing our Ashwagandha as Meghan Markle’s go to product for pre wedding stress. On the back of our exciting products, we have now opening London’s first 360 self care space for Millennial women on Mortimer Street in Fitzrovia. Our space includes a cafe and juice bar serving up ethically sourced coffee, the highest quality matcha and a range of Instagrammable colourful, calming drinks which we are now famous for called Moon Milks. We also serve smoothie bowls and posh toasts alongside seasonal specials. We also have a carefully curated retail section which will include clean beauty brands, everyday wellness items, and modern day crystal goods such as crystal water bottles and face rollers. To round out our 360 approach to self care, we will also offer infrared sauna treatments in a beautiful basement space which take up to 45 minutes and can be booked by our guests solo or with a friend.