Lyon's Seafood & Wine Bar

Lyon’s is a new independent restaurant in North London.  It’s created by people who have a passion for restaurants & whose priority is to construct  a lively environment where our team flourishes & our customers are joyous.

According to estimates, as much as half of the weight of all fish landed commercially is discarded as waste — including skin, roes, heads, bones, scales, and livers.
At Lyon’s we aim to buy the finest seafood possible and make the very best use of every part of it. We will try as much as possible to be seasonal & sustainable (including our fish!) and local (we want to be part of the community – near and far); the wine will be a super interesting selection and collection of unusual, uncommon and perhaps unknown bottles that will be tailored to the location and clientele that we serve.

LYON’s is a small to medium sized neighbourhood restaurant at heart. We will regularly host wine tastings and experiential dinners with some of the industries most revered characters. Customers will also be able to pop in to buy their favourite wine to takeaway and enjoy at home. It will be a vibrant and bustling hub of activity whether guests are here to have a quick glass of wine or a couple of oysters at the counter or those who are here to enjoy a full meal in a relaxed setting. Our team will be warm and welcoming with a shared passion for food and wine.