OMNOM is at the beginning of an incredible journey to help shift consciousness. We have developed OMNOM on universal spiritual principles such as kindness, gratitude and equality rooted in Bhakti (devotional) yoga. 

Our promise is to feed someone who needs it for every meal that we sell in our restaurant or yoga class that we sell in our studio. We have currently partnered with a number of charities to feed and educate individuals both in the UK and India. We are passionate about sharing how to live more conscious and spiritual lives which in turn will lead to a happier, healthier & more compassionate world. 

We have worked incredible hard over the last few years from developing the concept, securing the funding and finding a beautiful site to open the first flagship OMNOM. 

The nature of our menu helps revive the vitality and energy that our bodies crave. Taking inspiration from different world cuisines and knowledge from ancient Ayurveda, we’re creating something that rejuvenates and is kind to ones digestion.