Providence Row

Rise Bakery is part of homelessness charity Providence Row. Providence Row has been running for almost 160 years in the East End of London, tackling the root cause of homelessness. 

Last year more than 1,600 people used our services. 

Working with people to build skills and confidence is the key to success. We do this through our trainee schemes, language classes and employment support. The support we provide for mental health and addiction issues helps people to rejoin the community. We also help people to return to their home communities and families, in the UK and abroad.

£25,000 yearly
Providence Row Providence Row (also known as the Dellow Day Centre), Wentworth Street, London, UK
Jul 11, 2019
Providence Row works with more than 1800 homeless and vulnerably housed people a year in East London, offering an integrated service of crisis support, advice, recovery and learning and training programmes.  Our aim is to ensure that people who are so often excluded from mainstream services gain the support and opportunities they need to create a safe, healthy and sustainable life away from the streets. Central to our work are our core values of Compassion, Respect, Inclusiveness, Empowerment and Justice.  These inform the content, style and delivery of all our services. Our service is on the front line of both homelessness prevention and the local response to rough sleeping. Beginning with the volunteer led triage assessment process that begins in our Welcome Area, clients are allocated according to specialisms in the team covering preventative work and support for rough sleepers. The main emphasis in the service is to do everything possible to move people into appropriate accommodation in a borough, community or country in which they have rights and entitlements to services.  This work is often done in partnership with other organisations, some of which are funded to help people move away from a life on the streets or which may operate in other sectors such as health.