The Begging Bowl


The Begging Bowl is a vessel used in Thailand by the Buddhist Monks, people give food on the streets to make merit. The idea of sharing food with friends and family fits the setting in Peckham's vibrant Bellenden road; The Begging Bowl sits on a prime corner with a beautiful outdoor terrace.

The menu comprises of small sharing dishes, in keeping with how food is served in Thailand. The focus is on using the freshest ingredients and cooking everything from scratch including making the coconut cream and curry pastes daily.

Jane Alty is head Chef and co-owner of The Begging Bowl with Jamie Younger. Originally from New Zealand, Jane has lived in London for 16 years, working alongside the city’s best chefs. While travelling through Asia Jane became infatuated with Thailand and its exciting and exquisite food. This led to her spending four years at Nahm, working under the internationally-acclaimed chef David Thompson and subsequently cooking in Bangkok.