Second Home is a global workspace and cultural venue, bringing together diverse industries, disciplines and types of social businesses.

We are looking for a dedicated Chef to oversee the BOH management of the operations of Second Home café “La Despensa” . The role will be based in Second Home London Fields.

The cafe is open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

La Despensa ethos

The starting point of La Despensa  is seasonality.

While in seasons, the produces contains the highest nutrients, but also eating them makes sense physiologically, as your body is in tune with what is nature is producing.

Seasonality narrows possibilities but enhances creativity .

Limited and short season ingredients, indigenous produces will exacerbate the natural combinations and the art of reinventing, creating new flavours combinations.

By focusing on seasons, the intermediaries are cut, farm to table allows more sustainable processes from buying to selling to our members.