Karma Cans

We’re a team in the fullest sense of the word, making and delivering and selling lunches to people all across London. It’s an established business, nearly 6 years old with strong training and operating systems in place, a robust client base, growing revenues and a buoyant culture that lets people just be - exactly who they are.

Gini and I are so proud of everyone we work with, we believe in what Karma Cans provides to its clients, the offices who use us love our food and we make their workplace better, more sustainable and healthier.

Great food is at the heart of who we are, but equally important to us is our customer’s experience, we look after everything from the time you want your food delivered, every dietary requirement and a great team willing to go the extra mile to be there with you if you’re organising lunch for lots of people. Everything we do is about sharing lunch, joining in with a community bigger than yourself, We are creating a positive healthy eating culture that fosters friendship, great ideas and community.

This is why we want offices to use us to supply them for communal lunches and meetings. So that more than just providing salads, we can get people sitting down together, talking and sharing ideas. We think that this benefits office culture as well as employee health and wellbeing.