The Barbary

The Barbary

est. June 2016 

Fire. Clay. Pestle and Mortar. 

The second restaurant from siblings Zoë and Layo Paskin (following The Palomar), where we have been voted Time Out Number 1 restaurant in London in 2017 & 2018 and were runners up at both GQ and OFM Restaurant of the Year 2018.

The Barbary draws from the cuisine of The Barbary or Berber Coast – a past expression referring to the expanse of North Africa towards the Middle East.  A communal clay oven and fire where all the people from the village would come to cook their food; bringing a sense of a community is imbued in the atmosphere of eating here. The Barbary Lion is our emblem symbolising the powerful sultry nature of the open kitchen restaurant as it was the largest and most iconic of Lion species.

Tucked away in Neal’s Yard, a secret courtyard housing the old warehouses of Covent Garden Market, reminiscent of the Moorish towns of Southern Europe and North Africa. Here there stands only a kitchen counter of 24 seats built around the open kitchen.