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An issue that creeps up in nearly all of our conversations with employers is the issue of staffing. Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and maintain a full team. 

With uncertainty of the Brexit outcome majorly affecting EU Citizens long term plans and a feeling of disconnect with the younger emerging generation of workers there has never been a more crucial time to talk. 

We need to get creative and come up with positive actions that can help to get more staff into this industry. 

So whether you work in the industry, own a business, work in a social enterprise - this event is for you. 

The conference is a forum and open discussion for people to come up with solutions and take positive steps towards recruiting and retaining people in hospitality. There will be a board range of people there from restaurateurs, to wellbeing people, colleges and social enterprises. We want to hear what you think works, what doesn't work and how you do things.


This event is open to anyone working in the Hospitality industry in any capacity.

We will have a few key speakers from colleges, social enterprises and businesses followed by an open forum for you to meet, connect and find ways of working together in the future. Food will be provided by the dream team at Passo in Old Street. Grab tickets fast - we are really excited for this one!



"The hospitality industry is the 3rd biggest employer in the UK, accounting for 3.2m jobs through direct employment in 2017, and a further 2.8m indirectly. The industry generated over £72bn of Gross Value Added directly to the UK economy, and a further £86bn indirectly. However, cost pressures are taking their toll, with the most recent economic data showing the first notable decline in employment that the hospitality industry has experienced since the 2008/09 economic downturn" (UK Hospitality Oct 2018)



We are SO excited about our next event, it's SPEED DATING for FOOD LOVERS. 

That's our number one criteria - you just gotta love food. That's it! 


On Monday Nov 11th we will proudly be hosting our first ever speed dating event in a central London location - (to be revealed soon). 

The night starts at 6pm, our fantastic hosts MAMSHAM will be providing the laughs & entertainment making sure you all have the best night. And if that wasn't enough, food will be cooked up by the wonderfully talented Ixta Belfrage. 

Grab your tickets below, once you have booked them we will email you over a little form to fill out so we can learn more about you and your preferences, this will help us to organise an even better night for you

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Countertalk × The Connection Communal Breakfast

6th & 7th August, 8am–10pm

Every morning in August The Connection will be setting out and laying up a long breakfast table, where you can hunker in the courtyard behind St Martin-in-the-Fields Church near Trafalgar Square and enjoy a delicious menu prepared and served by their homeless clients.

We've teamed up with The Connection to dedicate two mornings specifically to those working in the hospitality industry to have breakfast together. 

Proceeds will go towards The Connection’s vital work helping thousands of people every year get off, and stay off, the streets of London. Joining us for breakfast is the equivalent of providing a shower and breakfast for one of our homeless clients – so you and they can both start the day feeling sated and refreshed.

The courtyard will be open 8 – 10am, with breakfast served from 8.30am, so book your tickets and come along with friends, colleagues or on your own and have a proper breakfast and a proper chat!


  • Monmouth Coffee and Good & Proper Tea
  • Freshly squeezed juices
  • Pink grapefruits
  • Yoghurt and homemade granola
  • Homemade fruit compotes
  • Baked tomatoes, boiled eggs, green sauce and plenty of toast


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Industry Chats 2: Self confidence, goal setting and managing insecurities

12th August, 6–9pm

This is the second event of a series of industry based events aimed at looking into some of the issues that we face on a daily basis and giving you the tools to understand them and move forward.

Are you finding it hard to make the next step in your career? Are you struggling with self confidence and is it holding you back from progressing in all walks of your life? Imposter syndrome and not feeling good enough is something that hits every single one of us, in fact a lot from queries and messages that we receive are based around this. That's why we wanted to focus our next event on self confidence, goal setting and managing insecurities.


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Countertalk Coffee Mornings

19th August, 9–11am

You know the drill! Our monthly coffee mornings are a chance for you to have a half an hour chat with someone from the industry. Email us with what you want to talk about and we will match you up with someone who will give you the best advice. 

We allocate 8 x slots per month so don't worry if you miss a slot we run them every month!

Coffee kindly from Ozone. 

Past events


Ice Cream Sunday

30th June

On Sunday the 30th of June we will be bringing you our much anticipated event ICE CREAM SUNDAY.

Join us for an afternoon of all things ice cream including demos, talks and a tonne of tasters. Find out why our producers started up in the ice cream biz, how they create their favourite flavours, why ice cream is so joyous and so much more.

We will be joined by the following ice cream experts who will be taking you through an ice cream journey:

Black Milq Ice CreamLa Grotta IcesPoco GelatoHappy EndingsNonna's Gelato • + some more surprises along the way!


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Industry Chats: Staff retention, onboarding and offboarding

24th June

This is the first event of a series of industry based events aimed at looking into some of the issues that the hospitality industry is facing.

By employment, the hospitality industry is the forth largest employer in the UK. The UK hospitality industry was expected to reach a turnover of £100 billion by this year (according to predictions based on figures released by the ONS). According to the latest figures around '330,000 staff currently employed and working in the UK hospitality sector are considering leaving the UK due to Brexit'.

Recruitment in the hospitality sector is reportedly becoming increasingly difficult with many establishments believing that 'they will not be able to fulfil their staffing requirements over the next five years with domestic workers.'

Businesses must respond to the growing demands of hospitality workers of flexible working hours, better conditions, incentives and pay. Especially as many food based establishments are short staffed.

So how can we start to tackle this problem?

We are inviting guests who are experts in their fields from other industries to give an insight into what practices they have in place in the hope that we can learn from them. In addition to this we will be joined too by some big names in the hospitality industry so we can discuss the topic at hand.


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