From Employers


Of all the hospitality platforms we used, Countertalk was BY FAR the most helpful in helping us make key hires. We received a number of candidates from commis chefs through to junior sous chefs, as well as an Assistant Manager for the FOH. Of the seven hires we needed to make prior to opening, four came through Countertalk and we couldn’t be happier!

— Legare



Countertalk is a fantastic and much-needed platform. The focus on ethical treatment and nurturing skills and talent means that each application is self-selecting to share those vital concerns. The quality of candidates is exceptional and the process – from job posting to application management – could not be more user-friendly.

— St. John



Recently used Countertalk to find our new Communications Assistant here at The Palomar, The Barbary, Jacob the Angel & The Blue Posts.

It’s an absolute pleasure to work with Rav and the interest she takes in what you do can’t be beaten. More so, the ratio of quality applicants that came from Countertalk was exceptional – all of those who applied had a genuine interest in what we do. This made the entire process so much better, saving us masses of time usually spent screening, calling and meeting those who weren’t the right fit.

There is a lot of middling chat about making our industry ‘better’ right now; Countertalk is making it happen. Working with job boards where applicants have to take an interest in applying to the right jobs for the right reasons and that demands honesty and transparency from advertisers puts us all on the right track.

— The Palomar



From Applicants


I wanted to say, I got the full time position at ██████ and I'm over the moon. lt was never my intention to go work full time in a restaurant and I'm absolutely freaking out but it also feels so right and it's all thanks to Countertalk!!!! So thank you!!!!



Hey I just wanted to give you a quick update and tell you thank you so much for the help you gave me. I found a job at ███████ with █████████  and the team. They are fantastic. Just had my first week and it was amazing I loved it so much and in super excited to just get stuck in! Again thank you so much ❤️ I was actually on the verge of quitting cheffing all together and this has given me a new outlook and love for the trade and something I enjoy so much 😊