Money Talks: Pt 2 with Viewpoint Partners/ Countertalk

We are delighted to bring you part two of our virtual Money Talks series with Viewpoint Partners* on Monday 26th July. This time we are focusing on investment and the move to bricks and mortar. The event is live however, all ticket holders will have access to a recording for 7 days after the event.

If you are contemplating how to progress from a home business, pop up or food truck into your first site you will need to formulate a compelling business plan, raise the finance you need to make it happen and then confront all that comes with opening a restaurant – location, legals and logistics.

Hussein from Viewpoint is here to guide you and a real-life case study provided by Viewpoint client and Countertalk favourite, Anna Tobias of Cafe Deco.

The talk will be split into 3 parts.

1. A business plan.
– Being able to articulate the market you want to operate in
– Where you fit in the market
– What gives you a competitive advantage, who are your competition
– Having financials to back up your current levels of turnover, profit margins and then forecasted financials.

2. Raising Finance.
– Loans vs equity
– Pros and cons
– The types of finance – friends/family, crowdfunding, seis/eis schemes.

3. The reality’s of opening a restaurant when you have completed steps 1 and 2.
– Finding a site
– Legals
– etc etc.
– A chat with Anna Tobias about her experience of opening a restaurant

*We are working with Viewpoint Partners because they are accountants and consultants specialising in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

They work with some of London’s most exciting independent restaurants and bars including Berber and Q, Sager and Wilde, The Laughing Heart, Bright, Café Deco, Darjeeling Express, Rita’s and others) providing everything from the basics of management accounts, bookkeeping and tax to bespoke financial forecasting, business plan creation and more.

The Viewpoint team support their clients from concept to bricks and mortar, to multiple sites and beyond. The first clients to come on board were Jackson and Frank Boxer, who Viewpoint started working with on Brunswick House, and continue to work with to this day across several locations.

Hussein joined Viewpoint in 2015 after being introduced to founder David Grant by very enthusiastic mutual friends. The two business partners share a love of going out to eat and drink and a desire to specifically focus their financial expertise into helping the hospitality sector thrive.

We’ve got your backs and we want to see you flourish, once you have purchased a ticket we will send you an email to get your questions, we will then reserve the last 20 minutes to cover some of your questions.

Countertalk founder Ravneet Gill will be throwing out those motivational gems and talking from experience. Bringing an insight from a few different angles, Ravneet founded Countertalk – an organisation aimed at improving the working conditions in the hospitality industry in 2018. She has been on the front end of many start up food businesses and will be giving an insight into the struggles faced by many small biz owners along with getting all of your questions answered on the night.


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