£25,000 - £27,000 yearly
  • TOU
  • Arcade Food Theatre, New Oxford Street, London, UK
  • Nov 12, 2019
Full-time Kitchen/BoH: Specialist Chef Kitchen/BoH: Chef de Partie Kitchen/BoH: Commis Chef /Junior Chef

About us

We are a small, growing and very proudly independent business.
TŌU thrives on creativity, personal relationships and making people’s belly happy!

We are trying to grow something big here and we need all the help we can get - GET IN TOUCH



Ana & Meng

Role description


Pork lovers, conversation makers, cool peeps

Basically the job involves turning up, talking to people, prepare great food and not pissing anyone off.

You will get paid a decent salary and we will always try to backflip and make sure your shift requests work around what ever you have going on in your life.

You will be trained by the most chatty young chef we know - Alex which is half German and half English (also incredible passionate and clever).

All you have to learn is how to do the most iconic sando in London (amongst other equally delicious items) No biggy. Ah and the location - the new and shinny Arcade Food Theatre - 1 minute walk from Totenham Court Road Station - killer!

So if you are looking for a challenge (does that even mean anything?), are a food enthusiastic and can turn up on time then send us an email to


Making sure people's bellies are happy!

Ideal candidate

Work clean, presentable, good knife skills and able to produce great staff meals.

We are looking for someone that is not afraid to engage in conversation with the customer and likes to work in an open kitchen.


Perks, incentives or benefits offered

Fun team

The chance to be part of something big!

Preferred starting date

Nov 18, 2019