Head Chef - London - South

£28 - £32 yearly
  • Chefs in Schools
  • London, UK
  • Sep 23, 2019
Full-time Kitchen/BoH: Head Chef / Executive Chef / Chef de Cuisine

About us

We believe the best chance children have to understand the importance of a good diet is by eating, and learning how to make, delicious food, cooked from scratch. We think chefs, taking on the role of producing and teaching about food in schools, are the right people to do this. Leading the kitchen on a varied menu of meals made from fresh ingredients. Sharing their passion for food with the students. Supporting school leaders to help pupils get the best out of their school days.

Role description


To lead, innovate, motivate and work with a team whose aim is to serve fresh, interesting and nutritious school meals within budget which meet Government, the School’s standards at all times.

To lead on developing a food and cookery curriculum for the whole school and food related projects for the school and have high aspirations for the future of food at School.

To lead and work as part of a team preparing fresh food to meet the specified standards.


To prepare meals in accordance with an agreed seasonal 3 week menu cycle and to change this in accordance with the school food standards and allowing for allergen issues, ensuring full adherence to recipes, food presentation standards and portion control.

To understand the needs of those pupils with special dietary requirements and ensure they are catered for.

To work to deadlines to ensure meals are served promptly.

To ensure that meals are presented and served in an attractive way.

To ensure that work is carried out hygienically, safely and tidily and at all times within the prevailing legislative framework.

To help promote school lunches and uptake through taster days, parent events, newsletters, theme days and other events and methods.

To support the School’s emphasis on pupils’ health and well-being. To support on projects such as an herb garden on the school site and food recycling projects

Ideal candidate

  1. Loves food and wish to pay it forward
  2. Wants to have a great work -life balance
  3. Wants to share your passion about food
  4. Wants to be lead on a school's food journey

Desired experience/skills

1. To be able to be innovative and create menus children/ students would like

2. To be able to manage a strict budget within a school's target cost of 85p per child

3. To be able to manage a team of school cooks

4. To be ready to learn how to share your love for food within a classroom 

Perks, incentives or benefits offered

  1. Great work life balance
  2. Paying it forward
  3. Seeing change happen on a daily basis
  4. Getting to up skill a team and teach people about food

Specific training offered or provided for this role, if any.