£22,000 yearly
  • The Dusty Knuckle
  • Dalston, London, UK
  • Aug 04, 2019
Full-time Kitchen/BoH: Chef de Partie

About us

The Dusty Knuckle café started as a small sandwich hatch in our container bakery four years ago. In 2017 we moved over to a permanent spot opposite the container and we became a proper food spot. We cook beautiful but simple food  with fantastic ingredients, then mostly wedge it between our focaccia.  On the weekends we serve well thought out breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes. We make anything from egg sandwiches to fish stews to homemade merguez and hand rolled flatbreads. Our food is moreish and unpretencious and the chefs work collaboratively to create a menu which is in keeping with our values, sourcing seasonal ingredients and always cooking with love and attention.  We have now built a wood fired oven in the garden which we fire up on the weekends to make pizzas. We are hoping to start using it in the week also, so our chefs will be cooking outdoors. 

The kitchen is open 7 days a week 8am-5pm. You will be required to work occasional evening shifts for our pizza nights. 

Role description

The role is on average 40 hours a week spread over a 4 day week! This will include evening/night work each week, but we are passionate about work-life balance for all employees and make sure that rotas are fair and manageable.  


We make mainly sourdough, but do have a few yeasted products too with long old slow fermentations like focaccia doughs. We are a small team, pulling out a lot of dough, and we work in a collaborative and fast paced environment with good music, flowing coffee and lots of toast. We've also got an ever-growing pastry section also. The team and all employees take great pride in our products, only apply to this job if you too take care and pride in what you do. 

Ideal candidate

Team player, energetic and passionate about flavours, cooking and eating. 

Desired experience/skills

Ideally you would have at least a few years baking experience, but if you are keen, able and lovely we will certainly consider you.

Perks, incentives or benefits offered

We offer:

-Two staff parties a year

- The baker position is 40 hours over 4 days!

-As many coffees/cold drinks as you can possibly drink

-Free bread and pastries every day

- Monthly on site massage

-Supportive and caring bosses

- staff trips 

Specific training offered or provided for this role, if any.

We have a budget that we specifically allocate at the beginning of the year to every employee.

Preferred starting date

Jul 21, 2019