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Finding people is hard. Finding good and reliable people is even harder. That's why we want to match potential employees with you that care, are career driven and ever curious. Great people that are inspired, excited to learn, and share their experience and skills—to help your business flourish.



Welcome to the Countertalk Careers board. Our aim is to promote jobs in the hospitality industry with companies that provide healthy working conditions for their staff.



Please apply via the link below to be an employer with us and submit your first listing. A member of our team will vet the application and if successful your advert will be posted on our board.

If you are successfully matched with a candidate we will run a 3 month follow up to check up on working conditions, companies with positive reviews will then be given two ticks on our website.

If we need to vet your business further we will arrange a site visit, please provide a suitable contact number below.


What’s in it for you?

We believe healthy work environments lead to a lower turnover of staff and create a loyal staff base as well as a good reputation in the industry.

Healthy working environments ensure a happier team and a higher quality of performance from your staff

We run regular networking events to create a community and following of people in the hospitality industry that trust our mission to foster better working conditions. By advertising with us you will get access to our growing network of candidates.

Best wishes

The team at Countertalk


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