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Let's be real—hospitality at large is years behind other industries when it comes to treating employees well, even legally. That's why we're committed to helping you find opportunities that are respectful, fair, healthier, sustainable, inspiring and supportive.


Welcome! This is our Countertalk Careers board 👋

Created by a chef, we aim to promote kitchens, restaurants and work places that offer healthy work environments.


How do we do this?

Every company that posts a job with us goes through a vetting process to ensure that they offer healthy work environments. We do this by personally approving or denying every application, companies are required to fill out a questionnaire about the working conditions and values of the company. In addition to this and if needed, we make a site visit and inspection to verify this.

We also remind employers of their legal obligations to workers.

Know your rights: ACAS / Citizens Advice /

Once these companies have been approved and if you are successfully matched, we make it our mission to catch up with candidates to follow up on these terms (companies who abide by these terms are given two ticks on our website).

In addition to this we want to foster new talent and nurture existing talent, those who want to be part of the change in creating better work environments.

We take it all very seriously in the hope that we can put an end to overworked, overstretched individuals in the hospitality sector.

Best wishes

The team at Countertalk


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