MOB Kitchen

MOB Kitchen shares the freshest, most affordable recipes to feed four. Since launching in 2016, it is now the go-to social platform for students and young professionals wanting to cook real, quality recipes on a budget - no food porn, just real food which people can actually cook. As well as creating leading food content, MOB Kitchen goes above and beyond this with one-off competitions and collaborations. It’s a food revolution. And everyone’s invited.

After spending years seeing students yearn after delicious food, watching them browse tirelessly through food porn videos desperate for something other than pesto-pasta, Ben decided to create recipes that students could actually cook. After tweaking his technique in his Mum’s kitchen, MOB Kitchen was formed - publishing recipes that feed four for under a tenner online.  

But when a job as a Deliveroo driver and a lot of leaflets in pizza boxes still didn’t cut it, he decided to expand the MOB in order to acquire more skills. 

Since 2016 we have grown in every aspect, with 4 permanent team members, over 250 thousand Instagram followers and a equally large following on Facebook.

In 2018 we released our first book: “Feed Four for Under £10”. Targeted at students and young professionals as a means of creating restaurant-quality food on a pocket-friendly budget, it quickly became a national bestseller, shortlisted for the Andre Simon Food and Drinks Awards 2018. With the second book released on 4th July 2019 "MOB Veggie", this focuses on plant-based dishes, ranging from veggie classics to meat-free brunches and vegan fakeaways. 

1 studio, many giveaways, books, a food truck, a brand new website, an app - MOB is still growing. And this is only the beginning…