Neal's Yard Dairy

Our mission is to improve British farmhouse cheese. It’s what we are here for.

This has been our aim for forty years now. When we started out, the cheese we could buy from wholesalers was uniform, ubiquitous and for the most part uninteresting. Initially it seemed impossible to find delicious British farmhouse cheese which we could be excited to sell. We were alarmed at how endangered British farmhouse cheese had become. We wanted to change that, and so we persisted. 

A few fortuitous meetings with British cheesemakers who still made cheese the traditional way helped us on our path, and so our journey began. Our mission to improve British cheese is led by the cheese on our counters, and the conversations they prompt between our customers, cheesemongers, and the cheesemakers we work with. That’s what matters to us.

 What we like about this mission is that it’s never fully accomplished. Today we have a range of cheeses we are extremely proud of. They are made by people we have relationships with, farmers and cheesemakers who we know and trust. Our cheeses have complex, interesting flavours, and they are flavours we are learning to nurture, improve and affect. The more we learn, the more scope there is to improve, to challenge, and to explore.

We are a team of about 70 people. We select and mature cheese from all over the UK and Ireland, to sell in our three London shops, online for delivery throughout the UK and wholesale to restaurants, shops and distributors all over the world.