St. JOHN Restaurant Company


St. JOHN has six operations: two restaurants, a commercial bakery, a retail bakery, a winery and a wine import company.  Each of the enterprises is unique, but they all adhere to the distinct style and philosophy which gathers all branches of the business under the St. JOHN umbrella and makes them so instantly recognisable. Each is at the beating heart of the vibrant community in which it was established.


The first St. JOHN Restaurant in London's Smithfield was opened in 1994. Housed in an old bacon smokehouse, Trevor and Fergus did little to the space other than whitewash the walls.  In the twenty years and more that followed, St. JOHN has become an institution, much lauded (and copied) for its pared back aesthetic and pioneering simplicity, with Fergus Henderson hailed as the godfather of modern British cookery.  


The opening of St. JOHN Bread and Wine followed in 2003, when the baking of bread for which St. JOHN had become lauded outgrew the Smithfield location. Initially intended as a counter for breads and takeaway wines, offering small plates for those who stopped by as they collected their supplies, its position as a restaurant in its own right soon overtook the original intention. 


Real bread is central to the St. JOHN philosophy; Fergus says: “Bread is as essential as your knife and fork in the eating process”.  The Bakery is housed within a Victorian railway arch, from where it produces the sourdough and doughnuts for which the bakery has become famous, along with a wide range of other renowned products destined for the tables of other iconic restaurants such as The Ivy, Boisdale and many more.


This is both a bakery shop and a wine shop. The charming and hidden courtyard that is Neal’s Yard, in Covent Garden, has historically always had a bakery to serve the local community. We are proud to be reviving this vital service selling breakfast pastries, our famous doughnuts, and of course loaves and bottles for the table. 


The strong principles of genius loci that St. JOHN proudly applies to the restaurant ingredients also extended to the wine list, with Trevor’s resolve that “we would buy from our neighbours” creating an all-French list, bought direct from vignerons.  Trevor works year on year with the various winemakers to decide on the blends for the own-label St. JOHN wines, creating wine that is true to its region, good value and perfectly suited to the table. In 2008 Fergus & Trevor purchased their own winery in the Minervois, France, from where they make their own acclaimed Boulevard Napoleon wine.  Both the St. JOHN label and the Boulevard Napoleon wines are sold to restaurants, retailers and private customers across the UK, US and Canada.