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Recipe: Cacio e pepe

Ray O'Connor and Jorgia Van Kan are off travelling the world before settling over in Zealand. Ray was the opening Head Chef at the infamous Padella with queues dominating the streets, Jorgia was one of the chefs at neighbourhood favourite and sister restaurant, Trullo. Together they demo'ed the dish of everyones dreams, Cacio e pepe. Find the recipe below: 
Pasta Dough
650g bread flour
250 ml water
50 ml olive oil
15g salt.
It’s a dry dough tough to knead but better to be dry so stick with it.
It’s also easier to add flour than water if you get me.
If it comes together too easily add more flour as should be a strain on the wrist. 
Slice down into 3. After an hours rest, roll with a rolling pin to flat sheets and then slice into strips.
Roll strips into thick spaghetti with lower to middle parts of your fingers. Throw pasta into flour so it doesn’t dry and break. No flour on your hands!
30g butter 
15g parmy 
5g pepper
2g salt 
Couple of drops of lemon juice to cut through the fat.
Swirl the cooked pasta in the melted butter and let cheese fall through strands as not to clump.
Don’t boil this!
Add some pasta water to get gloss and the consistency you want. 
Add salt and pepper to taste. 
Lastly... Enjoy