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Practical list for LIFE. COVID-19

A Practical List for Life


If you’re looking for information about employment, salary and sick pay then please visit the CounterTalk Practical List for Work


Please note, this information is accurate as of 24 March 9PM GMT. We will continue to update this list as relevant information is released


  1. Stay informed because things are changing FAST! Whether that’s listening or watching the news or simply staying engaged in a WhatsApp group of your mates, things are changing very quickly every day. From advice regarding your health to practical information about jobs and the economy, now is the time to keep engaged
  2. For goodness sake – follow the guidelines y’all. Stay inside and we will have a HUGE party to celebrate. When that’ll be, we’re not sure – but SILVER LININGS: that just gives us more time to plan it
  3. For the renters, the government has announced emergency legislation to suspend evictions from social or private rented accommodation. They have guaranteed that no renter will be forced out of their home and ask that landlords show leniency and understanding during this difficult time. Here’s the full press release:
  4. LEAN ON YOUR COMMUNITIES! Like this one. If you’re reading this then you are part of a huge group of people who are all likely feeling the way that you are right now. Reach out, share your feelings on your insta story, email an old colleague. Keep it digital, but know that this is a collective reality for all of us and how you are feeling matters and people want to hear from you
  5. We hope that the government will post more information about personal financial relief soon. But in the meantime, if you are not sure what lies ahead financially, here are a few ways you can cut down your expenses as we go into this uncertain time:

    • Check if you are subscribed to any websites/services that you don’t *NEED* right now – maybe it’s time for us all to share Netflix passwords
    • If you’re looking for things to do during this down time, organise a book swap with friends instead of buying something new. But make sure you sanitise it before you use it! If you post it to one another, you should be cool to go straight ahead
    • Triple check your thermostat – make sure you are using a timed thermostat if you can to reduce those energy bills as much as possible whilst you’re feeling lean
    • Take this opportunity to create a personal finance budget. Breakdown all your costs – if you are confident about where your money is going, you will feel less stressed about spending it when you need to
    • Consider applying for support from the Tip Jar Hospitality Workers Emergency Fund which is being run in collaboration with Hospitality Action -
    • For more information regarding universal credit, visit



  1. If you own your own home, you will be able to claim a three-month break from your mortgage. Details of HOW this will come into effect are still unfolding
  2. Isolate, but not completely. YES, you mainly have to stay indoors. But stay in touch with your friends, yeah? Here’s a few ways you can hang out with your friends whilst keeping in with the health guidelines
  3. Home delivery is now being offered by some of our trusty suppliers. We’ll try to keep this list updated as much as possible:
  4. If you have the capacity and are in a good state of health, consider volunteering with the NHS


  1. We know that we’re all in a precarious financial position right now, but if you can flex – then flex! If you are able to, purchase gift vouchers/merchandise from local independent shops & businesses. Or, donate some cash to one of the many GoFundMe fundraisers. A (non complete) list is below: