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How to run a supperclub

Hi  Countertalk Community. 


We get asked a lot about how to run a supper club, it was a popular topic amongst our guests at our previous coffee mornings and features in our inbox frequently. 


So what is a supperclub? 

A supperclub is essentially a 'pop-up' restaurant, they are a popular way of testing out your ideas and food without committing to the overheads that come with owning a space. 

Often the success of a supperclub can lead to a springboard investment if proven to be popular. The popularity of a supperclub can help you to get attention from restaurant groups or investors. 

When is a supperclub beneficial?

  • When you want to test your idea out without bearing the costs of massive overheads
  • In times where you are working in another job and want to find a space to showcase your skills to an audience! 
  • Seasonally these can work really well especially if tied around a theme. 

Where can you host one?

There are a number of spaces around London which allow for hosting supperclubs. Often places that are scheduled shut in the evenings or weekends work really well for this. Think about large coffee shops, pubs, event spaces. 

Some of our favourites include:

The Hackney Coffee Co

Benk & Bo

Second Home


What can you expect? And what should you check for?

Typically a venue will charge you a fee for the rent or a % of the ticket sales. This can usually be negotiated especially if you want to run more than one. Be sure to clarify this in writing first. 

Make sure there is sufficient crockery and glassware for your event. If not there are some fab rental companies that allow you to send the stuff back in boxes unwashed.

Take an inventory of the kitchen beforehand so you know what you need to bring with you and what you need to leave behind. 

Do a recce of kitchen equipment, check whether they use gas or electricity so you can bring the right pans if needed. Take photos of the venue so you can plan logistics for the night

Check with the company about prep and storage space. You might be able to get some of your deliveries sent there and stored or you might have to bring everything with you on the day. Check whether they are able to allocate fridge space to you beforehand if needed. 

Find out if you can use their staff and how much this costs. It usually helps to have people working who know the space well in case anything needs topping up or fixing! Also using their KP is really helpful to put everything back in its place. 

Check the capacity of the space

How do you set one up? 

Our favourite booking platform is RSVP Yes, we like this platform because they take a lower % of ticket sales and pay out the next day. You can also schedule it so it pays your staff for you

When coming up with a ticket price try to make sure you can cover your costs; venue hire, staff, ingredients, travel etc. Ask guests to send over any dietary requirements beforehand. 

Speak to wholesale suppliers that you might have previous relationships with about offering a wholesale discount for a cash account

Set up an instagram page or promote via your own socials. Utilise your friends and ask them to spread the word!


Promote promote and promote some more!