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CounterTalk Freelance / Temp Shifts List

CounterTalk Freelance / Temp Shifts List


The Office for National Statistics estimates that there are 5 million self-employed & freelance workers in the UK, making up almost 20% of the overall UK workforce. Of this, 162,000 work in Accommodation and Food Services.[1]


If you’re reading this and work full-time for a restaurant, or own your own food business, you’ve probably come across freelance or temp chefs in your career: Calling in favours from your mates when you need an extra push, that much needed seasonal cover, emergency KPs, and of course those ‘we’re in the shit’ last minute agency chef call-ins, which have a reputation for being expensive, inconsistent inexperienced & quite often down to ‘luck of the draw’.


Here at CounterTalk, we want to create a verified network of freelancers – with a whole range of skills & abilities - that we can blast tailored cover shifts/temp work/freelance opportunities to. We know that this industry is filled with seriously talented people who know how to HUSTLE and are ready to work AKA y’all are a goldmine for food businesses who need a little (or a lotta) help.


We know that it isn’t just chefs that make up this amazing community of freelance hospitality workers: Front of House, Baristas, Bartenders, Photographers, social media managers, designers, PRs, digital marketing experts & food writers, we see you.


And maybe you’re not full-time freelance – maybe you’re in between jobs, maybe you’re weighing up your options, maybe you just want to pick up some extra shifts here & there, we’ve got you too.


A link to the list can be found here



** A note about these times…**


Those already working freelance are feeling the pinch of a volatile economy, with full-time workers suddenly questioning their job security as businesses owners are backed into impossible corners.


These are crazy times made crazier with a serious lack of official government guidance, support or lifelines for this industry.


Although we are forced to step blindly into the future for now, we have to remember we are stronger together, working as a single unit to brace whatever comes next.


By rolling out this list ASAP, we hope to efficiently connect the industry during this period, giving help & support where it is needed. Stay tuned.